Mary Button

I am a Brooklyn-based, Southern born, book artist.

I am a voracious reader.
As such my artwork revolves around books. I make books and I remake books. I sew together little books of prints or I pull apart and re-construct books that I buy at The Strand, find on street corners,or on top of dumpsters. Often, I write, draw, paint, or glue inside of old childhood books in an effort to tell stories from my childhood that I only vaguely remember.

Reading has always been my favorite form of escapism. When I was in elementary school and had a hard time fitting in I read all afternoon and all night long-- whenever I wasn't in school. Much later when when I was in high school and my mother was so sick that twice I thought she would surely die I sat, uncomfortably, in waiting rooms and by her bedside and read hoping she wouldn't leave me all alone. Making books, for me, is an effort to restructure the past, the present and the otherwise inconceivable.

Please send me your hymnbooks and your stories. If you would like me to scan your hymnbooks, ephemera, etc. and send them back with copies of the files on CD let me know and I will return them to you as soon as I can. I hope to hear from you soon.

874 43rd Street Apt. 5C
Brooklyn, NY 11232

Thank you. I look forward to conversation and collaboration.